Europe’s leading maker of wooden oars, manufacturing oars, paddles and other boating accessories with more than 60 years of experience.

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We are Europe’s leading manufacturer of wooden oars. Our technological expertise is apparent in everything from the basics to advanced product development. A professional oar maker knows that for an oar to slide smoothly through water, its blade must be lighter than its grip by just the right amount. Lahnakoski oar breaks the surface of the water subtly, with minimal splash or whirl. But why take our word for it – try it yourself! Each waterway is different and each boat is different, and boats are used for multiple purposes. Whether you travel on fresh water or on the sea, whether you are relaxing, transporting or fishing, and whether your boat is made of wood, fibreglass, aluminium or rubber, you will always find the real oars you need at Lahnakoski.

Canoe paddles

A handy, well-balanced paddle is an important tool that must be made with care and attention. It is the most important thing a canoer has. A Lahnakoski paddle will serve you faithfully offshore and on the open sea.

A wooden paddle is pleasant to the touch: it feels warm even in cold waters, and the material is flexible, rolling with the movement.

Composite paddles, by comparison, are made to resist wear and tear. They are at their best in whitewater canoeing where contact with rock is impossible to avoid.

Kayak paddles

Kayakers swear that they never let go of the paddle even if their vessel capsizes.

Every Lahnakoski kayak paddle is a thing of beauty, a unique Finnish design product combining the appropriate material with a functional shape and an optimum weight distribution. Our paddles are flexible and roll with the movement, making the going smooth and also easy on the kayaker’s muscles and joints. Wooden paddles are best for long voyages; the organic material has a pleasant and warm feel to it, and even a firm grip will not result in blisters. Composite, by comparison, is a durable and affordable material for demanding use.

SUP paddles

Combining a respect for exacting traditional Finnish craftsmanship with carefully selected materials, modern technology and cutting-edge innovation produces the definitive paddle: handy, flexible and pleasant for both beginners and old hands. The SUP paddle does not sink. Due to its light colour and graceful shape, it is easy to see even if you are in the water rather than on it.


An elegant flagpole lends dignity and a sense of ceremony to any vessel. Crafted out of attractive wood, it is a finishing touch that embodies tradition and community. Made in Finland, for any flag.


A boathook is essential – it can save your life.

Reliable and safe, our boathooks can be used to hook virtually anything. They are invaluable in mooring your boat and sometimes on the water too. A Lahnakoski boathook is an excellent basic accessory for any boat. Two of our models were selected testwinners by Finnish Kippari magazine a couple of years back.


Your boat flows smoothly with accessories that bring both safety and style.

Our virtually friction-free rowlock is an excellent example of perseverance in product development at Lahnakoski. In traditional rowing, it is a good idea to use oar collars to prevent wear, and drip rings prevent water from loosening your grip.